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Life’s just too short to not be living with passion and purpose. So, we want you to be inspired, educated and empowered to make positive changes in your life. Each month we post relevant articles and the odd podcast or video for you to consider (generally three posts relating to your personally and three in the workplace monthly). Most will be positive psychology, neuroscience or other evidence-based ways to exercise and challenge your mind in the same way your physical exercise program strengthens your body.

You decide if these articles resonate with you and if the applications are suitable for you to try out and perhaps adopt. Like physical exercise, it’s about finding the activities that you love doing, can perform regularly and help you to flourish and thrive. Living a life of passion and purpose isn’t always easy, so by finding what resonates with you, you can take steps to living a more purposeful life.

Like Soul Sisters, you can find the latest postings on this platform, or you can subscribe to get the latest info delivered to your inbox (no information you supply will be used for any other purpose). You can also let us know any areas of interest you have, so that we can keep an eye out for relevant articles.


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